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                                                                    Pumpkin Seeds 

Pumpkins are actually a type of squash which are from the cucurbita genus (family). There are many species of this family, but there are only 4 offered here. (cucurbita - maxima, mixta, moshata, and pepo). There is no need for concern with keeping them isolated from each other, unless you are collecting seeds. If saving seeds, all varieties within a species will cross with each other, but will not cross species. 

Bees are essential for pollination, but it can be done manually if problems are experienced. 

Note: A lot of squashes which also look like pumpkins, with a squash taste - are listed under squash.  

Usually, the larger the pumpkin - the earlier the start date and more space is needed between plants.

Planting Pumpkins and Squash with your Corn will "help" with coon, skunk, and porcupine control.

Because of the large variety of pumpkin characteristics, none are highlighted.

Pumpkin and Squash seeds may be treated

  Very Small Pumpkins 

     Under 2 Pounds 

              Bumpkin -            Tiny Orange Pumpkin 

            Casperita -               Tiny White Pumpkin 

              Gooligan                   Tiny White Pumpkin 

              Hooligan                           Tiny Orange                  Mottled Pumpkin

          Jack Be Little              Tiny Orange Pumpkin

     Lil' Pump-Ke-Mon         Tiny White - Orange            Striped Pumpkin

         Wee Be Little            Tiny Orange Pumpkin 

          Tiny Pumpkin                       Collection                           6 Varieties                     4 seeds of each            (mixed in 1 package)

         Small Pumpkins  

                 2 - 8 lbs.

         Cotton Candy -     Small White Pumpkin 

            Jarrahdale -              Small Blue Pumpkin  

    Long Island Cheese - Small Yellow/Orange                 Pumpkin 

           Neon Moon      Bright Orange Pumpkin 

       Medium Pumpkins

              8 - 15 pounds 

               Blue Moon -                  Medium Blue Pumpkin 

                   Casper -                    Medium White Pumpkin 

        Musque de Provence                          (Fairytail)                            Medium Mahogany                           Pumpkin

                       Tandy -                      Medium Pearl Pumpkin 

   15-25 pound  Pumpkins

        Blue Doll - Pumpkin             

                   Howden -                              Orange Pumpkin 

                  Indian Doll -                          Orange Pumpkin 

                  Moonscape   Orange With White Flects                       Pumpkin 

             Porcelain Doll -                         Pink Pumpkin

       Rouge Vif d'Etampes -            Bright Red Pumpkin 

              Large - Huge 

               25 + pounds

                  Big Max -                     Large Orange Pumpkin 

       Dill's Atlantic Giant -Very Large Yellow/Orange                    Pumpkin  

           Yellow of Paris -            Orange With Striations                      Pumpkin

              Warty Pumpkins 

   Toad Mini Warty Pumpkin        

 Warty pumpkins are  the current rage. They are so popular that one company tried to get a patent on all warty pumpkins and is even threatening lawsuits against anyone developing more varieties.  After trialing all varieties - I found  essentially all orange warted pumpkins - no matter what variety name they are given - are very similar. They all generally have green warts which turn orange, as  they ripen. Where they do differ however, is in size and shape and quantity of warts.

 More info on tips-n-tricks. 

                   Baby Bumps                  

Mini Warty Pumpkin                           

                        Sanchez                             Mini Warty Pumpkin 

                Goose Bumps II                           Warty Pumpkin 

                Knuckle Head                              Warty Pumpkin 

                   Warty Goblin                             Warty Pumpkin 

            Marina di Chioggia                         warty pumpkin

              Galeuse d'Esyines                        Warty Pumpkin