BRESEEDS                                                                                                       phone:  613-273-5287                                                                   c/o Roy Bresee                                                                               788 Hutchings Road,                                                                     Westport, Ontario                                                                                                  K0G 1X0


 Where?  We are located between Ottawa and Kingston Ontario, near a village called Westport (population 700).

About us: I have always been an avid gardener even before I knew the difference between plants and weeds. Because of an illness, I can't work at my old job anymore, so my hobby expanded to my profession in 2008, - market gardening, seed development-propogating, and seed distributing.

Even after 40 years of experience, there has been a steep learning curve, especially with these computer things! As I get more computer literate, I will share my cheap and simple tricks with you, for increased results in your garden.

Over the years I have always been trialing new varieties of vegetables (up to 20/yr.), and trying new techniques of growing them. The  new varieties are compared to proven varieties, and sometimes  a few are  added to the roster. I often find that some seed advertising makes a variety sound better than it actually is.

Over the years I have collected varieties which no North American seed company (that I know of) has ever offered or they have  discontinued offering. As I build my seed stock I will be offering them on here, with growing instructions. You will find that some of them are totally different than our domestic varieties which you are used to.

My offerings here are: the best of the regular varieties you are used to seeing,  - and the best of a collection of varieties which, the dare to be different gardener, will love. (Try something different - you will be surprised!)

My objective with this website to attract fellow gardeners who are (like myself) always striving for stronger plants, higher production, and better taste; and would like to try something new, without having to buy 10 years worth of seeds, at a high cost. Most will be open pollinated (o/p), so if you like them, you can keep the seeds, or at least know which ones to buy in the future.  More sampler packs have been offered, because of their popularity.

 Happy gardening!


 Who are we?

BRESEEDS used to be: (Doin' it in the dirt), 

but that name was too similar to motorcycle

and 4 wheel drive clubs; so after they threw  

a little "DIRT" our way, we changed all of our

computer and paper work to a new name. 

Bresee is my last name, so                      


 = Business retention and expansion + seeds



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