SORRY, To keep my prices for seeds as low as possible, I am no longer offering catalogues. This website is kept up to date and my previous catalogues were often out of date before they even were printed.

Some customers want even smaller quantities in the packages and subsequently even lower prices -                                 Question: What am I going to do with 25 tomato or pepper plants? and what if I want 3 or 4 varieties? I don't want 100 pepper plants!                                                                                                                                                               Answer: When I get down to 25 seeds, it's usually our time and packaging that you are purchasing, more than the seed cost. If I dropped to 20 seeds from 25 - the cost would still be the same. If you have very limited space in your garden - store the extra seeds in the resealable packages in a mouse-proof container (cool, dark and dry.) Write on each package - the year you purchased them, or you can swap with a friend who has other varieties.   

 btw: I've been asked why I use so many CAPITAL LETTERS. (Because that means I am shouting.) Well, I didn"t know that - and from now on everything added to this site will be in lower case.

The two reasons I used so many, is that it matched my company's title and was different than other web sites, AND I am a one finger typer and I type by watching the keyboard, not the screen, so turning on caps lock eliminated having to switch from upper to lower case all the time.

Sorry for "shouting" - and I WILL clean up my act!