Tomatoes date of maturity is measured from when they are transplanted, to the very first fruit harvested, (after 7 weeks of green housing, in the Kingston-Ottawa area).These dates vary from year to year because of the weather.                                                                            Tomatoes are self-pollinated, aided with wind or large bees. They can be pollinated indoors with paint brush, electric toothbrush, a manual shaking, or an oscillating fan set on low speed - at blossom stage.

                              Small Tomatoes                                             

Nearly all types of small tomatoes are prone to splitting, if not harvested when they are ripe or slightly before.

                               Tiny Tim - Red Cherry Tomato


                                              Black Cherry - Tomato 

                                    Red Pear - Tomato 

                                             Yellow Pear - Tomato

                               Mid-Size 1 1/2" - 2 1/2" 

                                     Black Prince -  Black Tomato

                                  Golden Sunrise - Yellow Tomato

                                            Green Zebra - Tomato

Note: Shipping prices are very high for tiny orders.  See home page for details.

                       Tomato Seeds

                                            Full Size Tomatoes

                                      Bush Beefsteak - Tomato

Cherokee Purple - Tomato

                                     Chocolate Stripes - Tomato 

                                             Delicious - Tomato

                                       Long Keeper - Tomato

                                       Mortgage Lifter - Tomato

                                                 Rutgers - Tomato

                                                  Starfire - Tomato

Early Girl        4-6 oz.            52 days from transplant 


Celebrity            8 oz.               72 days from transplant 


Please order a maximum of 2 packages of any of the following varieties - they are all nearly sold out.

               Super Marzano (Paste)   oval shaped                                         4 oz.   70 days from transplant 

      Ultra Girl VFN      9 oz.  62 days from transplant 

Big Beef  VFNT      12 oz.       73 days from transplant 

Ultra Boy II                  14 oz.    68 days from transplant

                                                sold out

Better Boy VFN       16 oz.         72  days from transplant