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                    Cauliflower Seeds

            Early Snowball - White                                    Cauliflower

                Titan - White Cauliflower

                        Precoce di Jesi -                                  Yellow Cauliflower 

       Cheddar - Orange Cauliflower  

   Marchigiano - Green Cauliflower

Note: This year these seeds will be Monte Verdi - which are an up-scale expensive variety

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Graffiti  Intense Purple Cauliflower

                     Cauliflower Seed -                               Collection of Colours                  All 7 varieties x 10 seeds each                          packaged separately

  Cauliflower Sampler Collection 

                Magenta - Hot Pink -                                      Cauliflower
This is a gorgeous hybrid/mutant  cauliflower which we grew in 2013. 
2014 seeds were harvested -2015 we will determine if they will "come true" 
Deep pink - the most beautiful cauliflower anyone has ever seen! 
    Looking for help with a name. 

                    Celery Seeds

     Tall Utah 52-70 - Celery - pellets  

       Tall Utah 52-70 - Celery - seeds 

                 Dorato D'Asti - Celery                        

                     Giant Pascal - Celery

              Ground Cherry Seeds

          Aunt Molly's - Ground Cherry